Memphis & Shelby County Office of Re-entry

MSCOR University

MSCOR will offer diverse education, training and personal development opportunities at its HUB through the Reentry U. Care Coordinators and community volunteers will facilitate classes, which will be open, on a space available basis, to any returning citizen who commits to attend for the enrollment period. 

  1. Operations
  1. Enrollment
    1. On a first come, first served, basis
    2. Class sizes will be limited
    3. Only individuals who have participated in Intake, Orientation, and a Care Coordination session may participate
    4. Individuals who enroll must commit to attending the classes over a set period (4 months) 
    5. Enrollment will be offered every 4 months (4 times/year)
  2. Courses
    1. All Care Coordinators will facilitate courses
    2. Courses will last between 2 hours
    3. Courses will be offered weekly at various times
    4. Participants are expected to be on time, and to remain for the entire class
    5. MSCOR University participants may be asked to do “homework” to support classroom learning
  3. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion        

2.  Topic Areas

  1. Personal Development and Life Skills
  2. Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skills, and Problem Solving
  3. Resume Writing, Completing Employment Applications, Preparing for Interviews and handling the “Felon” question
  4. Creating a Career Path Plan 
  5. Improving your Finances
  6. Healthy Living
  7. Answers to legal questions